new year eve 2016 resolutions

Besides the classic new years resolutions that I will surely not achieve this year I wanted to share with you guys what will be my BtoB marketing resolutions for 2016.

It is 4.30 pm, I am almost alone in the office and I was about to call it a day when I asked myself: what will be my main objectives in 2016 professionally-wise? How will I make my BtoB marketing better this year?

  1. Do not focus too blindly on ROI perspectives when planning my BtoB digital marketing actions. Sometimes giving to customers without expecting something in return (at least in short term…) is “the best way to gain their confidence and close the deal.” (cf. Patrice Laubignat interview HERE)
  2. Make my marketing mindset more and more inspired by growth hacking perspectives:  I have been reading and writing about growth hacking recently, now it is time to let growth hacking influence my next year’s marketing plan!
  3. Drastically improve my knowledge about how to technically capture leads from social networks. I have been focusing on developing the visibility of my company on social media and to generate healthy interactions with our audience, now it is time to benchmark the different tools that can help me to automate social media leads capture, coordinated with our e-CRM system of course.
  4. Read more about BtoC digital marketing practices and see how I can get inspiration from them in a BtoB marketing context. This is clearly something I don’t naturally do.
  5. Become a Wistia (“Video Hosting for Business”) expert: I just set up Wistia and I plan to make this tool the very cornerstone of my digital marketing campaigns. As explained in a recent article, creating an intelligent and agile video marketing strategy also depends on your ability to capture your videos’ audience.
  6. Start a series of BtoB marketing podcasts: this is cleary in my pipeline, and I hope to be able to deliver my first podcast by the middle of Q1. Stay tuned!

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Written by Aurélien Gohier