B2B Podcast 4 - B2B Video Marketing Overview with Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia

For this fourth edition, I am proud to have Chris Savage on the BtoB Marketing Sales Podcast- co-founder and CEO of Wistia- to talk about video marketing as the core of successful B2B business communication, and for lead generation strategy.

Not to push at open doors here, the majority of B2B marketers are deeply convinced that B2B video marketing is the key of a successful brand awareness and lead generation strategy. But only a small proportion of B2B marketers know how to set up and run a proper B2B video marketing strategy, to make this strategy drive tangible results.

Chris Savage, co-founder of Wistia– a professional video hosting platform with “amazing viewer analytics, HD video delivery, and marketing tools to help understand your visitor”- is an expert of this domain. Besides the obvious technological advantages of using Wistia, Chris and I discussed about how B2B video marketing can be addressed by digital marketing services. To illustrate this, we chose a bunch of use cases together and tried to enter tomorrow’s B2B video world together.

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[CHAPTERS] B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #4

0’04: Hello BtoB Marketing Sales people! Today we are going to talk about B2B video marketing, and to cover this exciting topic I have with me Chris Savage, CEO and co-founder of Wistia.
Hi Chris how are you?

0’15: This morning I gave a presentation during a webinar organized by the CMIT, the Club of French Marketing Directors of IT, about how video marketing should be the core of any B2B content marketing strategy. In this presentation to 30 B2B / IT deciders I mentioned several times a solution called Wistia, while I was trying to show the audience with simple and hopefully clever examples how any B2B company should make video the cornerstone of their content marketing approach. What do you think I said to them about Wistia Chris?

1’33: So, Chris, you are the CEO and co-founder of Wistia, which was founded in 2006 by Brendan Schwartz and yourself, Chris Savage. I read on the web that the aim of Wistia was initially to help filmmakers collaborate remotely online right?

1’50: So, basically you created this solution while YouTube was just exploding. How did Wistia made its way through? Can you please give us some insights about Wistia too?

2’31: What does make Wistia different? As I said before, Wistia was created while YouTube was just exploding. Is Wistia a competitor of YouTube or is it something totally different? Can you please explain us the pros and cons of using one solution more than another. Are Wistia and YouTube complementary?

3’56: Another aspect I wanted to cover with you today: a lot of big B2B companies are fighting the evangelize the use of video to make marketing programs more powerful and emotional. What I do believe is that companies should fight hard to allow any employee to create his or her own video material, and not wait that marketing delivers video assets. Do you believe in a world where B2B sales people create their own pieces of video material, and where it doesn’t hurt the company brand in long term?

5’17: How would you differentiate the use of video in B2B vs B2C? And can you explain the audience why you positioned Wistia as a more B2B than a B2C-friendly solution?<

7’30: Could you give us the name of three companies which in your opinion are making the best use of video in a B2B context, besides the technological aspects?

10’10: How do you see the B2B video business in 10 years? And what place will be occupying Wistia on this market? Or at least what’s your objective?

13’28: Where is the best places to follow your activity and latest news?

Written by Aurélien Gohier