B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #2

For this second edition of the B2B Marketing Sales Podcast, David Hubbard, CEO of Marketing Outfield, join me to talk about how to close the gap between B2B Marketing vs. Product vs. Sales. 

FDavid Hubbart in B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #2or this particular topic I needed someone with a deep B2B sales & marketing expertise, but who also used to wear the product management hat. David was the perfect candidate, so I contacted him and he kindly accepted to be my guest. In this podcast, David Hubbard, B2B revenue growth expert and experienced sales and marketing consultant, is demonstrating a deep insight into B2B marketing strategies and techniques, as well as a quite insightful view about B2B sales and product management.

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[CHAPTERS] B2B Marketing Sales Podcast #2 

0’33: David, you are a B2B marketer who shares a lot of information on LinkedIn and Twitter about driving Revenue Growth.  In addition to demonstrating a deep insight into B2B Marketing strategies and techniques, you also seem to be quite insightful about B2B Sales and Product Management.  Your career progressed from Field Marketing Manager to CMO,  and in parallel, from Field Sales Rep to Chief Sales Officer. How has that helped your Marketing career?

2’36: What do you see as the main opportunities and challenges for B2B Marketing?

5’45: So you see an opportunity for Marketing to lead the company’s ability to bridge internal silos, and drive the company’s increase of profitable revenue, by improving Alignment and CX right?

6’37: Let’s go through each of the layers.  B2B vs. B2C?

9’33: The question would be: if B2B is about team buying, what should Marketing do differently to understand the B2B Customer?

11’45: So let’s say we now understand the customer better, how do we leverage that to drive more Sales?

13’24: Now that we’ve effectively collaborated with Sales and agreed to customer definition and a buyer’s purchasing process, and we are ready for Marketing Automation 2.0, but don’t we have to define MQL’s, SQL’s, etc?

16’30: That takes care of lead generation and performance marketing, and we’re measuring progress throughout the Marketing & Sales engagement with the buyer, we’re done with alignment now, right?

17’40: So this part takes care of aligning content marketing and sales enablement, I guess we need to talk about Social Media!

18’52: Now we see how aligning Social Media Marketing and Social Selling makes sense, but given everything we talked about, what  about Marketing Budget?

21’11: How do we chose the right Technology?  You said there’s over 5000 vendors and growing every day.

23’25: You’re right, alignment is more than just giving Sales leads, and Collaboration is more than getting in a room and kind of cooperating. But if Marketing doesn’t take the opportunity to  demonstrate more than marketing communications, we’ll never get beyond being a cost center, right?

24’43: Great summary of strategies to become a proficient B2B Marketer. How does my listeners help to get their company more aligned?  In addition to all the great information you share on LinkedIn and Twitter, how else can you and Marketing Outfield help companies get better aligned?

We hope you enjoyed this podcast. To check the previous edition, starring David Meerman Scott, it’s here!

Written by Aurélien Gohier